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Zachary Kahn's Page

My main interest in this project was recording the sounds of people. My biggest connection with Knox as a place has been the people I have met in my time here. I'd like to think that when I look back on my college experience the people will be the first thing that I remember. In recording the sounds of people, I tried to approach several questions of place, sound, and memory. What is the relationship between my deep connection with people and my awareness of the sounds they make? What did the people that I am going to remember sound like? How do people manipulate the physical environment of Knox to create sound? How do we use sound to develop a sense of our physical bodies? In exploring these issues I used a handful of recording techniques that ranged from nonchalantly carrying a small recorder to walking around the cafeteria wearing a hardhat with microphones attached to it while sporting a large Marantz Field Recorder around my neck.

I found the process of selecting recordings to upload to this website, editing them, and working with Andre to get them up and running to be very interesting with regards to my interaction with the various "tools" that I used to do see. Each of the sounds you see on this website are the product of using a device to record the soundwaves into a digital format, using a cable to transfer the files to a computer, using a sound editing program, Audacity, to cut them down to size, converting the files into .mp3 format, a final check with my headphones, and uploading the sounds to website. None of this was particularly complicated or involved any technology that was out of my reach as an undergraduate, yet I'd imagine even 10 years ago this would not have been the case. In that time I've witnessed a mass digitization of many of the tools that I use, however, I'm just now beginning to realize the practical impacts this change has had on the discipline I study.


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Nordstrom's Shoes and Cheap Beer

Brandon Teaching Dance Squad Their Routine

Footsteps on the Winter Ground

Final Two Point of the Alumni Team vs &q

Men's Basketball Senior Night

Climbing the Steps In GDH

President Taylor Opening Presidential Announcement

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